Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer Treasure Hunt Contest

Over on my author blog I posted about a Summer Treasure Hunt contest. Every day for 38 days, a prize will be given away. Many are autographed books (shocking, right?) but some aren't. I teamed up with my brother, the owner of JaysDesign Jewelry, and we are giving away a GREAT prize. Check out June 24 to see what we're giving away to one very fortunate entrant.

Details are in my original post, here. You may enter once for each prize offered, for a total of 38 possible chances to win. 

Hope you take the time to check it out. Happy reading, writing and blogging!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

~Year of the Historical~ March: Moonlight Mist

I finished this several weeks ago but have neglected to post my review. It didn't help that I neglected to finish the book within the month specified. My bad. I do apologize for this. 

Title: Moonlight Mist
Author: Laura London (Sharon and Thomas Curtis)
Genre: Romance
Setting: Regency England (early 1800s) 
Pub Date: 1979
Rating: (3.1 pearls)
Warnings: None

This was a solid 3-pearl, just OK read. The heroine was only 17 and rather annoyingly immature for most of the book. I liked the hero but the story didn't focus much on him. It was a little prosy but common for a book published in '79. I enjoyed it but it's not one I would reread. On the positive side, if you are looking for a non-religious romance that is clean, this one definitely qualifies.

What am I reading for May? 

My current historical read is Suzanne Allain's Mr. Malcolm's List. I'm over halfway and while this isn't a book that constantly has me thinking about it and anxious to get back to it, I definitely find it amusing when I am reading it. Look for my full review at the end of the month. (Or early next month, LOL.)


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