The Purpose of "Romance, Old School"

***Until further notice, I am no longer taking review requests. Thank you.***

On this review blog, I primarily review romances. This doesn't mean I will not occasionally review a different genre. I do enjoy a good mystery and the occasional fantasy. I have even been known to review those romances with the scenes I prefer they didn't have. (I skip them and pretend they were never there.) Where appropriate, I have indicated when a book has explicit content. I like books, I like to review them, and I like to discover new talent in the area of "clean" romance. 

If you've written a clean romance novel and would like me to review it, contact me at jaimeygrant (at) yahoo (dot) com. As well as posting my reviews here, I post to Goodreads, Shelfari and Amazon. Please note, I do not care for paranormals or books with overly religious themes.

Review policy: Books are read usually within 4 weeks of receipt.* I prefer printed and bound books as opposed to e-books but I will take either. As an author myself I understand how expensive it can be to send out book after book. For details on my rating system, check out the Ratings page.

To narrow the reviews down to a certain type, clean romance, for example, simply scroll down the page to the section marked LABELS and select the "clean romance" link. That will bring up all the reviews of books that I consider clean romance.

Thanx for visiting and have a truly lovely day!

~Laura Miller aka Jaimey Grant, Regency Romance Author

*I am a writer so sometimes this will interfere with how quickly I can read a book. Please be patient. Your book will be read and reviewed.


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