Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Poisoned Apple by Madison Paine

Title: The Poisoned Apple
Author: Madison Paine
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Allegory
Publisher: Wasteland Press
ISBN: 1600473148
Format: Paperback, 68 pages
List Price: $6.95US
Reviewed: June 24, 2009
Rating: 5 stars (4.8)
Warnings: None

Synopsis (from Amazon): Written in the classic tradition of an allegory, the story chronicles the career of an apple cultivator who discovers her purpose through the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of working for a world famous apple orchard. Readers are challenged to look deeper into the story to discover subtle truths about the United States educational system.

My opinion: This is a very well-written story. It is easy to follow as events unfold and easy to see the correlation between the orchard and its workers and the US educational system. This is definitely something teachers and students need to read.

Overall: 4.8 stars

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