Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Year of the Historical~ May: Mr Malcolm's List

I know. It's July and this review is for my May read for the "Year of the Historical" challenge. Shameful, isn't it? You know what's worse? I didn't even finish a historical for June. 

Title: Mr. Malcolm's List 
Author: Suzanne Allain
Genre: Romance/Regency 
Setting: England, 1818 
Rating: 3.8 pearls 
Warnings: NONE 

Synopsis: Mr. Malcolm has a list of requirements for a wife. When one young lady takes offense, she inveigles her school friend, Selena, to play a trick on Malcolm, so he can know how it feels to be judged and found wanting.

My two cents: What an adorable story! I enjoyed the characters' interactions even though I didn't get really attached to them. It's a nice, fluffy story, a pleasant few hours to relax and unwind. The writing style is easy to read and reminiscent of the older, traditional Regencies. This is definitely a story I'd have no problem sharing with my mom or my daughter (when she's interested in romances, that is). Very sweet, G-rated, and fun.

*Review is based on the paperback I purchased from Amazon. The views expressed here are my honest opinions of this work. Making purchases through any Amazon link here will result in me earning a small commission. 

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