Friday, July 20, 2012

~Book Bargains~ Astraea Press $0.99 Ebook Sale

I just found out that Astraea Press, publisher of clean romantic fiction, is having a huge $0.99 sale in the Amazon and B&N eBook stores. It's a long list of titles at this amazing price, from a long list of romantic genres. Here's just a few examples (linked from the Kindle Store):

To shop the Kindle Store, click HERE

To shop the Nook Store, click HERE.* 

*The store links go to search results which aren't super accurate; some non-Astraea Press titles will appear in both stores. I've made sure the Barnes and Noble link is arranged with lowest price first, but that put a few freebies at the top that I'm pretty sure aren't associated with AP. Still, there are a lot of titles to choose from in either store, so it's worth a look even if you have to scroll a bit. 
**I haven't read these titles, but I am assured they are clean romance. It's the only thing AP publishes, after all. I am not in any way associated with AP, though I do "know" a few of the authors published with them. 
***The Kindle links do contain my Amazon Associates ID. This means I get a teeny, tiny commission for every item purchased through one of my links. 

I think that's all the disclaimers. Did I forget anything? 

♥Happy reading!!♥

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