Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~Book Review~ Loving Lucianna

Loving Lucianna 
A Hearts in Autumn Romance 

Genre: Medieval romance 

4.3 of 5 pearls 

WARNING: Mild violence, otherwise a totally clean and sweet read. 

 Disclaimer #1: I am friends with the author. The author is also a cover client of mine (yes, I designed this cover). The version I read was the beta version (arc), so there might be some differences now of which I am not aware. 

Summary: Lucianna has accepted the fact that she will never marry. There are things in her past she cannot undo, things that prevent marriage even if the right man comes along. When the right man does come along, it takes everything in her to resist him, and he refuses to take no for an answer.

The thing I love best about Joyce's books is the complete assurance that I will not encounter anything that makes me uncomfortable. I'll discover well-rounded characters, a well-researched corner of medieval history, and a sweet love story. This is certainly true of Loving Lucianna. And I love that this story is about a couple in the Autumn of their years.

I was immediately drawn to these characters and found myself eager to determine what this big secret was that prevented Lucianna from giving in to her desire to marry Sir Balduin. He was a charming man, and I felt the romance between them was believable and well-written. I enjoyed the flashback scenes, where we learned about young Lucianna. Ms. DiPastena did a fabulous job of easing the reader in and out of these scenes without disrupting the story flow. The end was satisfying.

I look forward to reading the final version of this story, which I'm sure is now a solid 5-pearl read. For the time being, I'll end this review here. :)

Disclaimer #2: I was not paid in any way for this review. The opinions expressed here are my own. The image does link to Amazon, and the link does contain my affiliate ID. I was given a copy of this book as a beta reader, not with the request for a review, but I decided to review it anyway. ;)


Joyce DiPastena said...

Thank you for your beta read, your beautiful (as always!) cover, and now for this review! If the story is improved, it will have much to do with you. :-)

Jaimey Grant said...

I'm glad you liked the review, Joyce, and I'm thrilled I was able to help. The cover, well, I'm just tickled pink to be able to design covers for one of my favorite authors. ♥


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