Monday, October 12, 2009

~Book Review~ "The Mercenary's Marriage" by Rachel Rossano

Title: The Mercenary's Marriage
Author: Rachel Rossano
Genre: Fiction/Romance/Fantasy
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN (paperback): 1411618440
Format: e-book, 113 pages
List Price (paperback): $10.95US
Reviewed: October 8, 2009
Rating: 4.8 pearls (Wow.)
Warnings: None

Synopsis: A slave girl finds safety and freedom with an unlikely savior, a hardened mercenary.

My two cents: Although fantasy, there are no common fantasy elements present in this story. It has the feel of a medieval romance. This was a definite plus in my opinion. I love the fantasy genre but don't really care for the magic that is so often a part of it.

This is a story that starts out strong, in the aftermath of a battle, and continues in a fast-paced manner until the satisfying conclusion. I started it and was finished within a few hours. It was a short, but exciting, read. Every time I walked away, I was thinking about the main characters and wondering what would happen next.

The love scenes are few and very vague but Ms Rossano managed to infuse a remarkable amount of feeling into the brief scenes. It was very well done.

This review is based on the e-book provided by the author. Paperbacks can be purchased from Amazon and

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