Monday, April 11, 2011

~Book Review~ Kronos

I know it's not romance but I loved this book so much that I had to share.

Kronos by Jeremy Robinson 

First, the genre. Thriller is not my genre of choice. I tend to avoid it. However, although this is classified as a thriller, I would consider it more of an action/adventure tale with a good dose of suspense and mystery. I read it on the recommendation of my husband, who enjoys authors like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. (Incidentally, I also enjoy Dean Koontz. Just FYI.)

Second, the plot in one sentence. A man's daughter is swallowed by a sea creature and he must accept the help of an eccentric, bored billionaire in order to hunt the creature down.
Third, my rating. I give this 4.9 pearls, easily. I was enthralled from the start and had trouble putting it down. I thought about it when I wasn't reading it. Definitely a 5-pearl keeper, in my opinion.

Fourth, my review. Excellently written! I base this on the following factors, rather than whether a book is "correctly" written:
  • Was it easy to follow? YES
  • Did it hold your attention? YES
  • Did it flow at a reasonable pace? YES
  • Were there loose ends and plot holes? Not that I recall.
  • Were the characters real, believable? YES
There aren't a whole lot of specific things I can say without giving away some of the crucial moments in the book. I laughed, I cried, I raged. All the emotions were there. I loved the main character (an ex-Navy SEAL named Atticus) and I loved his daughter (a 16-year-old with purple hair named Giona). I thought Trevor Manfred, the eccentric billionaire who offers to help Atticus hunt Kronos, was cleverly drawn, entertainingly so.

I saw a few typos but honestly, I see them in every book I read so I discount them as important unless they're so bad that I can't "see" through them. 

Fifth, my favorite line. Page 101 (mass market pb): His pockmarked face didn't help his grim appearance, and the jagged scar across his forehead was simply a nightcap after drinking in his ugly mug. I just love this mental image. Makes me smile. 

Sixth, my warnings. I really have no serious warnings other than the F-bomb appeared once and there was some violence. The author refrained from too much description of gore, as well as overuse of profanity.

So, who wouldn't like this book? Good question. I think my mom would like it and she's about as picky as they come. 

*Disclaimer: No, I was not paid to say anything posted here. No, I do not know the author and was not asked to write this review. Yes, I purchased this paperback, at full price, from Amazon. Yes, if you click the link I've provided for easy purchase, I will get a tiny commission from the sale, as I am enrolled in the Amazon affiliates program. Did I miss anything?

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