Sunday, July 17, 2011

~Book Review~ Heart of Fire

Heart Of Fire
My rating: 3.4 of 5 pearls
Genre: Romance/Fantasy

Sensitive readers warning: Contains mildly descriptive love scenes. 

I started this book completely fascinated with the storyline, the characters, and the setting. I was interested enough in the concept and the characters that it held my attention, even though I read the Kindle version on my PC. (Talk about eye strain!) There were moments I laughed and a couple times I was surprised, I even recall tearing up a time or two. The author definitely touched my emotions. It held my attention but the writing felt...almost choppy at times.

While I wouldn't classify this as a "clean" romance, the author did keep a fairly "lights off" approach. The intimate interactions were descriptive but not graphic.

One last concern, I don't know if I got an older copy or what (I downloaded it a year ago and didn't think to check Smashwords for an updated, corrected copy), but there were numerous typos. One sentence was so bad that I still don't know what the author meant to say.

In summary: Would I read another book by Kristen Painter? Yes, I think I would.

Disclaimer: I purchased this ebook (full price) from I was not paid in any way, shape, or form for this review. This review reflects my honest opinion of this work.

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