Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating "Clean" Romance

Every few hundred members we celebrate with a giveaway in the Clean Romances group on Goodreads. We're over 800 wonderful members now and celebrating again. 

The sign-up thread will be posted early next week but in the meantime we're asking for donations. 

Are you an author of a "clean" romance (romance that leaves out the graphic sexual details)? This is an excellent, pain-free opportunity to promote your work. 

Are you an avid reader of clean romance? Why not share a gently read copy of one of your favorite books? 

The donation thread is HERE and we've already got 22 great romances up for grabs. I'll post to this blog again when the giveaway entry thread is up so you all have the chance to enter this great contest. 


My Regency romance, Betrayal, is available for free download from Smashwords in their site-wide Summer/Winter promotion. All you have to do is apply the provided code (located on the book page) in your shopping cart and confirm. You can then download the format best suited for your particular e-reading device. And while you're there, take the opportunity to check out the other books available for 25, 50, 75, and 100% off. Promotion ends July 31. If you do not enter the code, you will be charged full price. Don't forget!

Ebook Description
England 1816. Bri has been running for years. Just when she thinks she may have escaped those pursuing her, she finds herself thrown into Newgate Prison...where Adam finds her. Hired by Bri's family, he is determined to return the heiress posthaste. When it becomes clear that her family does NOT have her best interests at heart, she must accept Adam's help, something her pride will not allow.


Nell Harding said...

Hello there! I am a 'clean romance' author who stumbled on your site and am interested by it. However, I can't seem to find any recent activity and just wanted to be sure that this site is still active. If so, and if you are still looking for clean romance authors to promote, all five novels in my series are 'clean' and my latest will be running for free at the end of the month (the Dog House) - happy reading! Nell Harding

Jaimey Grant said...

Hi Nell,

I still post to this blog, but it's pretty sporadic. My most recent post was mid-December 2012.

I'll take a look at your books. Meanwhile, have you checked out the Clean Romances group on Goodreads? It's a great place to promote your books. :O)

Thanx for stopping by! ♥


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